A country located at the crossroads of two worlds, like a bridge between the West and the East, Turkey conceals many treasures. Whether you come here to discover the wonders of Istanbul, relax on its beaches or hike in Cappadocia, a trip to Turkey is always a unique experience.

A little over three hours are needed to connect Istanbul from Paris by plane. Only one hour of time difference and yet the traveler who puts down his suitcases in Turkey has the impression of having changed dimension. A multi-faceted country, Turkey offers many possibilities for stays for couples in love, friends in search of thrills, history and nature enthusiasts, but also families looking for a relaxing destination with their feet in the the water. Linked to the ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, Turkey still carries within it these multiple influences. History buffs and archeology enthusiasts will be delighted. From the sublime Ephesus, where stood the Temple of Artemis of Ephesus, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, to the funerary sanctuary of Nemrut Dağı, passing through the ruins of ancient and mythical Troy on the promontory of Hisarlik, it would take several weeks to discover all the archaeological wonders of the country. But Turkey also lends itself very well to a stay under the sign of idleness. The beaches there are sublime and the country has a particularity, its 8,000 kilometers of coastline are spread over four seas (Black, Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean). In addition to Istanbul, which alone is worth the trip, Turkey has other cities that deserve to be discovered: the bubbling Antalya on the Mediterranean coast, the warm Izmir or even the exotic Göreme and the astonishing Edirne which notably houses the Selimiye Mosque, one of the most extraordinary in the world.

Do you dream of immersing yourself in Turkish culture? For a first stay in the country, the Havas Voyages Wonders of Turkey tour is ideal. The stay begins with a few days of immersion in Istanbul with the visit of its essential places. The discovery begins with the extraordinary Hagia Sophia, a masterpiece of Byzantine art with its mosaics, and continues just opposite with a visit to the Blue Mosque. Built in the 17th century, it is famous for its 21,403 blue tiles. After a detour via the Byzantine Hippodrome and its obelisks, travelers stroll through the Grand Bazaar in search of treasures. The next day, the stay continues with the discovery of the Topkapi Palace, sumptuous residence of the Ottoman sultans, and the visit of the Egyptian Bazaar, the largest spice market in Istanbul. Those who wish can then treat themselves to an unforgettable private boat trip on the Bosphorus to see ancient Constantinople in a different way. Abandoning Istanbul with regret, travelers are not at the end of their surprises! Heading the next day to Ankara, capital and second largest city of Turkey, with a visit to the mausoleum of Atatürk before heading to Cappadocia (320 km) across a plain where the salt lake shimmers. The following day is entirely devoted to the discovery of Cappadocia, a unique natural site in the world and the cradle of Christianity. Visit the open-air museum of Göreme, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, the splendid valleys of Avcilar and Guvercinlik where countless fairy chimneys with surprising human and animal aspects stand. Those who wish can experience a unique excursion by taking a flight aboard a hot air balloon to admire the fairy chimneys and unreal landscapes of this region. An unforgettable memory! With their heads full of fascinating images, travelers then head to Konya to meet the famous Silk Road, dotted with numerous remains of caravanserais that sit enthroned in the midst of the sublime landscapes of the high plateau of Central Anatolia. Then stop to discover the natural site of Pamukkale, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a visit to the famous “Cotton Castles” of dazzling whiteness where the runoff from hot springs, saturated with limestone salts, has carpeted the cliff. Before returning to France, the stay ends in apotheosis in Ephesus, the most famous ancient site in the country, with the discovery of the library of Celsius, the temple of Hadrian, the fountain of Trajan and of course the remains of the temple of Artemis.



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