“We are concerned about the possible civilian casualties in the affected areas and call on Turkey to end its attacks,” the German Chancellery Olaf Scholz said in a statement on Wednesday regarding the Turkish attacks on Rojava.

The Federal Chancellery spoke for the first time on Turkish aggression against northern Syria and Iraq. “The attacks on Kurdish positions in Syria and northern Iraq are disproportionate and not covered by international law. The announcements portraying these attacks as retaliatory measures are particularly disconcerting. We are concerned about possible civilian casualties in the affected areas and call on Turkey to end its attacks,” Chancellor Olaf Scholz said through his office. The declaration was made following the mobilization of the association Familien für den Frieden (Families for peace). The NGO had asked the deputies to act. On Wednesday, the Social Democratic Party (SPD)-led office of Olaf Scholz reacted by condemning the Turkish attacks.

First explicit position

The association welcomed an explicit position statement: “So far, neither the SPD office nor Olaf Scholz have publicly made such clear statements on behalf of the federal government. From our point of view, it is important that the federal government walks the talk and, above all, that it officially asks Turkey to stop the attacks.”

Civaka Azad: “Practical measures must now follow”.

The Kurdish Center for Public Relations in Berlin, Civaka Azad, also sees Olaf Scholz’s position as an important sign: “Members of the ‘traffic light’ coalition parties have now taken a public stand against Turkish aggression in northern Syria. It is an important step. But what will be the consequences? Attacks against the population and vital infrastructure in northern and eastern Syria continue. Turkey continues to violate international law and aggravate the humanitarian crisis that is already consuming the region. Practical steps are now needed to halt Turkey’s attacks. We need political actions, sanctions, the cessation of arms deliveries. It also requires support for the people there, the closure of the airspace over the region, the recognition of the autonomy of northern and eastern Syria. The federal government can take the lead in this area. »



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