NARS & Co. is a company specialised in PEO Turkey solutions. We also provide Employment Solutions in Turkey.

Hire Staff in Turkey with NARS & Co. PEO Turkey

As a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) in Turkey, we support companies to outsource their employment procedure. By doing this, they will minimise costs and also other legal risks. Foreign companies navigating the Turkish legal requirements and employment laws will need support. By saving time with PEO in Turkey they can instead focus on their business activities.

Benefits of NARS & Co. PEO Turkey

  • Foreign companies can legally hire local staff and they don’t need to create a legal entity in Turkey
  • We offer PEO services in Turkey, such as the payment of salary, medical insurance, expenses, payroll taxes etc…
  • Your only activity will be the management of your employees under our Payroll Turkey company

PEO Turkey solutions overview

As a PEO company based in Istanbul, our aim is to secure your business by staying compliant with Turkish legislation.

Our services include:

  • Recruitment of employees
  • Redaction of employment contracts
  • Payroll services
  • Termination of employment contracts

Employment contract

Our employment contract written is in Turkish and is safe and comprehensive. We then share with your staff the following:

  • Turkish statutory requirements (holiday/maternity/paternity pay and rights, sick pay etc.)
  • Our team seeks to give you the opportunity to offer a competitive salary
  • Agreement of bonuses and salary of your staff
  • Salary, Commissions/Bonuses & Benefits are agreed with the ‘workside’ employer and are contractually included.

Turkish HR

Turkish laws and regulations seem complex, but our specialised and expert team in PEO can guide you through them.

Our offer includes :

  • Assistance in routine HR tasks
  • Assistance in HR matters
  • Turkish employment law is regularly changing, so we provide regular updates
  • All issues are brought to your attention in order to ensure policies

Payroll Turkey Processing

All your employees will be paid monthly and on time.

Our PEO solutions include:

  • Payments made on time, each month
  • Payslips (electronically sent by email)
  • Annual report

Why use us as your PEO ?

It is not easy to manage employees, especially in Turkey where new rules and laws are usually developped. With PEO solution, costs and risks are limited…We support you in all these matters :

  • Expansion of your business in Turkish market
  • Compliant solution adapted to your company
  • Best turkish profil are provided
  • Reduction of risk and cost
  • Customers are informed of new rules and laws regarding the status of their employees
  • Payment of employee wages and taxes

As a PEO expert in Turkey, NARS & Co. offers multiple solutions such as Payroll Turkey and Recruitment. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team based in Istanbul.



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