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Payroll Turkey, how does it work?

Payroll Turkey makes it possible to offer services to client companies without having to set up a business. To do this, the Payroll Turkey Company is based on a tripartite relationship between the employee, a Payroll company based in Turkey and a client company.

With this system, the employee can have customers because it is the payroll company that signs the contracts, drafts the invoices and collects the fees on its behalf. In exchange, the payroll company pays a salary.


It is about choosing the mission he wants to do and to solicit his own clients. The customer then establishes a contract of mission with the umbrella company which it signs a contract of work with the employee, which carries out the mission.

So as worn you are free to find your customers, manage your workload and set your fees as you see fit. You are autonomous in your activity and you do not have to give an account to a boss.


Payroll Turkey Company : an independent employee.

Payroll Turkey Company Service is a solution that allows you to work as an independent employee while enjoying the benefits of an employee. Thanks to the Payroll Company in Turkey you can develop a professional activity and test your abilities to undertake while maintaining your social security.

It is therefore a less risky alternative to the status of self-entrepreneur to embark on entrepreneurship. Payroll allows you to test the viability and the market of your project without having to make the administrative steps related to the creation of a company status.

More informations available on our Istanbul HR website regarding Payroll Turkey.

Please be in touch with our team based in Ankara and Istanbul if you are looking for an Umbrella Company based in Turkey.

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