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Umbrella Company Turkey for client business

Offering payroll services in Turkey for companies is also an added value for them. Indeed, many companies are looking for skills for short or medium projects.

The functioning of umbrella company Turkey

The operation of payroll is quite simple. To be a salaried employee, the independent consultant must first find a mission that corresponds to his / her skills. This mission allows him to contact an umbrella company that makes him sign a payroll agreement. The employment contract between the umbrella company turkey and the employee is registered when the latter has accepted a mission. And a service contract is signed in the wake between the client and the carrier. The employment contract sets out the obligations of each party.

The payroll company undertakes to pay back to the employee his fees in the form of wages. Umbrella Company Turkey is in charge of administrative and accounting tasks, monitoring and provides the necessary tools. It also deals with the payment of social security contributions as well as liability and professional liability insurance.

As for the employee, he has the freedom to choose his missions and his clients. He is responsible for prospecting, setting his fees, negotiating his benefits.

The employee has many advantages:

From a salaried status: he benefits from the advantages of the employee as his social system, the paid vacation, the payment of unemployment benefits or even more important social coverage than a micro-entrepreneur

A transfer of administrative and accounting tasks: the payroll company handles among other things the receipt of invoices

The client company also has non-negligible advantages:

Flexibility: hires a consultant for specific assignments and a need for specific expertise

Cost Management: Reduces Recruitment Costs

Follow-up by the payroll company throughout the mission

There is no need to create a company in Turkey.

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